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JahniSpot™ Concierge provides lifestyle management support services to your employees to bridge the gap between work & life harmony.

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Our mission is to enrich the lives of… busy people! We provide lifestyle management services for a wide range of individuals from the busy parent to the busy corporate executive.

Our team is dedicated to developing and nurturing lifelong relationships and providing excellence in services with a spirit of trust, dependability and integrity.

Mind blown! This is exactly what a new kid on the block could use! Sincere thank you for your thoughtfulness and hospitality.

Diversity & Inclusion

We are Diverse

  • Minority and Women-owned company
  • Authentic
  • Operate in Virtual environments that allow for full participation by women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, military veterans and spouses

We are Inclusive

  • The nature of “concierge services” creates environments of inclusion for everyone 
  • We maximize the full spectrum of employee perspectives (contractor, full-time/part-time, flexible): everyone is respected, valued, included, and appreciated

We Promote diversity for other organizations

  • Collaborate for solutions customized to your unique needs
  • Assist companies in leveraging their business/employee resource groups and affinity networks to help employees navigate culture
  • Networking, professional and personal development opportunities attract and retain employees

Areas where JahniSpot can help you “MOVE THE NEEDLE” on your Diversity and Inclusion Imperatives​

Innovation / workforce of the future:
Our changing workforce and expanding markets 
demand higher levels of cultural competence—the ability to shift cultural perspective and adapt behavior and communication style to successfully accomplish business results.

Building Corporate Leadership Competency:
Equip leaders with necessary skills, raising 
cultural competence of employees, constituents, stakeholders and more. 

Supporting Connections:
Fostering a network of individuals, companies and groups who 
serve as champions of change in our communities.

Welcome to Cincy! Program

Are you considering relocation to the Cincinnati region? Allow JahniSpot to serve as your personal concierge team and walk with you through your transition into our great city. We know the city like the back of our hand and will surround you with resources to get you successfully acclimated into your new Queen City.

Program Includes

Change of Address
Home Staging
Grocery & Home Goods Shopping
Coordinate Utilities & Services
Community Orientation & Tours
Recommendations for Personal Care & Home Professionals

Who Is Corporate Concierge For?

JahniSpot™ Concierge is for organizations that value their employees and want to create a benefits and relocation plan that has strategy, efficiency and cost savings for everyone. With competition among companies for top talent, offering attractive HR packages is a win-win for both companies and employees.

Tia Rochelle, Founder and CEO of JahniSpot Concierge

Tia Rochelle

Founder & CEO
JahniSpot Concierge

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