Work & Life Harmony @ The Office

JahniSpot™ Concierge provides corporate concierge and lifestyle management services to organizations around the world. We will support your clients, customers, commercial tenants, associates and/or members personally, so that professionally you’re achieving “optimum productivity” and distinguish your organization from the competition.

Who Is Corporate Concierge For?

JahniSpot™ Concierge is for organizations that value their employees and want to create a benefits and relocation plan that has strategy, efficiency and cost savings for everyone. With competition among companies for top talent, offering attractive HR packages is a win-win for both companies and employees.

Large / Small Organizations
Commercial Real Estate Management Companies
Manufacturing & Distribution Companies
Membership Organizations

Automobile Clubs
Customer Service Industries
Employee Benefit Companies
Country Clubs
City Ambassadors
New Relocation Corporate Headquarters
Conventions & Trade Shows
Airport Concierge for Extended Delays

How to Get Started


Corporate Concierge Strategy Plan Meeting

Variables including Hours of service, Number of employees for an employee concierge program, Number and distance of offices/buildings (concentration of workforce), Service mix priority (i.e. focus on errand running versus at-desk sales), Urban versus suburban environment.


JahniSpot™ Concierge arrives and takes care of everything!