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Jahni Spot - Love Experiment - Thank you
Jahni Spot - Love Experiment - Thank you
Jahni Spot - Love Experiment - Thank you
Jahni Spot - Love Experiment - Thank you
Jahni Spot - Love Experiment - Thank you
Jahni Spot - Love Experiment - Thank you

We miss you all so much, and pray that you and your families are happy, healthy and safe. I don’t know about you, but this period of social distancing has taken a toll on us all. It’s in times like this where we learn to value and appreciate the people in our lives and the luxuries that we all have grown accustomed too. In an effort to show our love and appreciation, we’ve decided to do a little experiment. We call it the #LoveExperiment. This is just a simple expression of gratitude to see how far our love can travel.


As part of this #LoveExperiment, we have 5 Thank You cards with expressions of love and gratitude that we want you to share with those that you know.

5 Thank You Cards

Doctors, Nurses, Healthcare Professionals & First Responders
Teachers, School administrators
Barbers, Hairstylist, Nail Technicians, MUA’s and Beauty & Grooming professionals
The Graduating Class of 2020 (high school or college)
Everyone around the world practicing Social Distancing

This list is not all-inclusive, as we know there are many more amazing individuals around the world that deserve a special “Thank You” during this time. We just decided to select this group to start with. So…are you ready to spread some love and gratitude?


It’s super simple and can be done in a few easy steps.

  1. Select a card that you’d like to share and download it. Feel free to share one or all, as many times as you like!
  2. Tag an individual or group of people that you want to express gratitude, and include the hashtag #LoveExperiment
  3. Add a personalized message or leave it blank. The card truly says it all!
  4. Hit SEND / SHARE! It’s that simple! Wasn’t that easy?

Let’s see how far our LOVE can travel. #LoveExperiment.

Our goal is to saturate the world with Love and Gratitude during this period of social distancing. If you haven’t already done so, make sure you like and follow our social media pages @jahnispot. We will be sharing many more opportunities to express love over the coming weeks and we want you all to join in. We thank you all for joining us on this #LoveExperiment. LOVE and BLESSINGS to you all.

~Your JahniSpot Concierge Family!


What Our Clients Are Saying

“I first worked with Tia when she was put on point to program manage and host the launch activities for several new tech products that our complex global team of industrial and software technologists had created. We had to conduct interactive webinars day and night, fly a team of 5 to 7 presenters around the globe to educate audiences of 15-75 engineers in an array of venues, and deliver results on an ever-changing budget. Tia tackled this logistical mountain of venue selection and scheduling, invite management, transportation and lodging (domestic and global), content management, rehearsals, and even the responsibility of being the master of ceremonies at each multi-day event like a pro. She made for an experience far more impactful and professional than any of us execs, presenters, and participants could ever have imagined.” 
Mark R., former product management executive
“JahniSpot is poised for success, with outcome-based results that impact everyone … from a CEO of a business, to a CEO of a household. Tia and team deliver exceptional results, continuously go above-and-beyond, and make any project fun. Tia has an openness that makes her approachable, and radiates a room with her charisma and energy. The team takes on challenges, is extremely organized, and connects well with stakeholders they serve.  I have worked with Tia for several years, and always feel confident about the quality and success of our events when she and her team are on-point! ”
– Tara M., General Manager

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Tia Rochelle Featured in WomenofCincy.org

JahniSpot Event

This Is Entrepreneurship: Tia Rochelle on Preparing for the Loss of Benefits

Much has been written about the emotional labor women take on in our roles as spouses, mothers, daughters, and even co-workers. And this labor is being intensified as our work and families adjust to living in the time of COVID-19 – which makes this interview with entrepreneur Tia Rochelle, founder of JahniSpot Concierge, all the more relevant. We sat down with Tia back in February at First Financial Bank to talk about the toll that planning, organizing, and prioritizing for others took on her mental, emotional, and physical health. And, more specifically, she talked to us about how she prepared for the loss of the corporate benefits she and her family relied on – healthcare, life insurance, employee assistance – as she prepared to leave a secure corporate job for the journey of entrepreneurship. Little did we know how helpful her insights might be for so many others now facing employment uncertainty.


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